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Pedro Braga is an autistic young man, with a characteristic formal/casual style of writing -- full of to-the-point information, lots of dry humour, and written in third person... but not this time.

I'm a Game Developer working on a quirky RPG about seeing the differences amongst human beings, looking for the unseen (I started development before I learned the term neurodivergence was) -- how their characteristics affects their experiences of the world. Imagine an RPG but instead of exploring outward worlds... you explore the fantastical lands of your own minds. The game is ever-so-slightly inspired by the Mother series, Undertale, but with my characteristic sense of humour.

Of course, this game created the necessity for me to go wild on researching humans... that's how I found out "autistic" is what I am, and, uh, why I'm now an active member of this wiki.

I don't know what my special interests are. I do score great at Maths, Philosophy, Programming, Writing, Game Design, Drawing, Composing, Painting, and I like Astrophysics (and physics) too... though I don't create any celestial bodies.

The reason why I can do so many things is because I don't have any friends and tried to overcompensate to see if people liked me. Did not work, BUT, now I can make games all by myself.

The Game[edit]

The game is called "Inner Voices." It's in production, but unannounced. I work on it by myself. It's the only thing that keeps me going, so believe, it's a product of sweat, blood and love.

I also treat accessibility very seriously and want everyone -- even fully blind folks -- to play the game. Of course, I take (internally) everything I want to talk about very seriously and am committed to faithful representation. That's why I hang out on the communities instead of citing very outdated and uncaring medical papers.

Though the game is rather silly, like my writing always is. It has lots of old-style comedy, some jRPG comedy as you see in earthbound and undertale, as well as some Gen Z absurdism. It treats things seriously and has true emotion and conundrums in it - but don't expect a documentary.

You can check the my Twitter. I don't post much there. You should rather ask me personally and I will slowly info-dump about it as much as you allow me to. It will make my day.

It has 05 episodes. When I finish those, I'll open-source the engine so everyone can make their own games with it -- it's actually well written to facilitate it to be honest.

Lately, it's been harder and harder to get it to release since I've been very much not enjoying the autistic experience of having grown to not have a single person who I can call a friend truthfully, lacking a home and a reason to wake up everyday. Been using all my energy to get up to eat (occasionally) and go to work. So, not much progress game-wise.

You can support its development by talking to me and keeping me on check. I'm really on need of an artificial mental health boost to keep doing it, lol.

My music[edit]

I make music for my game. I'm not a good composer.
This is the theme for a park in Episode 03 of Inner Voices.

This one is just Anxiety inducing. Like, legit Trigger Warning.

My music ranges from happy and jolly to classic Hip Hop and James Brown funk to 80's Synthwave to Classical to Tango to Samba to MENTAL HEALTH EXPERIMENTAL AND PURE FEELINGS to jolly again... after all, humans are very diverse so why not be eclectic on my musical representation of them?

some of them that are on a good state to show, I guess.

My view on the world[edit]

Content warning: difficult topics. This might get uncomfortable. Remember you always have the option to stop reading if it gets overwhelming.

I have no hope that I'll ever be able to make friends again. I've given up. This isn't even a good place to live in. Sometimes people will tell stories about how they were in great struggles... then they get to the end and tell how it went all good in the end. I'm sorry to disappoint. For all I know at the moment I'm writing this, in the moment you are reading it, I might be dead.

Or not, maybe my game will be released after all.

Of course, you can always ask me for [bad] advice, help regarding all of my "special interests," or to talk about Inner Voices.

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