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Misokinesia is an aversion to certain visible movements, usually repetitive, that make the person experiencing it feel a strong discomfort. Feelings may include irritability, panic, and general overwhelm, along with the desire to make the motions stop. Just as Misophonia is not typically triggered by sounds generated by the experiencer themselves, Misokinesia is not generally triggered by activities performed by the experiencer.

Misokinesia can impact relationships, making it difficult to share an area with others performing the triggering motions.

Common visual triggers of misokinesia[edit]

  • Repetitive hand motions like sewing, combing hair, fidgeting
  • Swinging a toy, bouncing a ball, exercise
  • Children or pets running or jumping in a limited area


  • Sitting where you cannot see the motions
  • Blocking the motion from your sight with your hand or another object
  • Asking friends and family to give you a warning before they start an activity that includes your visual triggers
  • Asking friends and family for an estimate of how long they will continue the triggering activity