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Misophonia is an aversion to certain sounds that make the person experiencing it feel a strong discomfort. Feelings may include disgust, irritability, panic, and general overwhelm, along with the desire to make the sounds stop. It is distinct from discomfort due to sound volume and may feel especially troubling because there's no clear reason why the bothersome sounds should be so distressing. Sounds created by the experiencer themselves do not typically trigger misophonia.

Misophonia can impact relationships, making it difficult to share common activities like eating dinner together.

Common triggers of misophonia[edit]

  • Eating noises, esp crunching and slurping
  • Tapping a pencil or foot
  • Pets scratching or licking


  • Playing music or watching television at mealtimes to provide sound cover
  • Asking friends and family to give you a warning before they start an activity that includes your noise triggers
  • Asking friends and family how long the noise trigger will last
  • Wearing earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones