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This is a list of wiki pages that want you to add stuff to them. These pages are usually new, and need user contributions to build out the content. You can find other lists like this one on Please help these pages.

If you have a new page in need of content, add it here. Use a nested list to add notes about what content is needed. When it's got enough content, remove it from this page.

If you're anyone who wants to pitch in, check out these pages and help add some content. Thanks!

Pages wanting user contributions[edit]

  • Autistic public figures (previously was "Autistic celebrities")
    • Add your favorite public figures. Note, this isn't for speculation.
    • Some public figures have a wikipedia source. We'd prefer something more personal, so if you can find their announcement social media or news post, or a good article about them, it would be worth replacing the wikipedia link. Sometimes it's as easy as reading the current wikipedia link and using one of their primary sources.
  • Twitter
    • Add hashtags and explanations of them.
    • Add some autistic accounts.