Things we need good names for

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Autistic culture is still growing up, so there are still a lot of things in our lives that we don't have good names for yet.

ADHD (Kinetic Cognitive Style)
Some of us don't like how this name is inherently pathologizing. It's also not a good fit with Identity-first language.
Autistic + ADHD
This is a frequently occurring neurotype combination and it wants a good name. AuDHD is sometimes used, but it's not in common use and has all the same problems that ADHD has.
Autistic Radar (Autdar / Autidar / A-dar / Asperception / Spectrumeter / Suspectrum)
The ability of an autistic person to recognize another autistic person. Like gay people have gaydar, but for autistic people.
Mostly for late-dx folks – That moment when you remember something from your childhood and for the first time you can see it with the knowledge that you were autistic and suddenly it makes so much sense.
This is a lot like a flashback, but it's also like a retcon in that it recontextualizes the memory and allows better understanding from a new perspective. Retropiphany (a portmanteau of "retroactive epiphany") is an early favorite.