Peach and coconut cultures

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There is an (unofficial) concept of peach cultures vs. coconut cultures, meaning that people in some cultures are friendly (or "soft") on the outside but it takes a while to get to their inner, "hard" core aka truly befriending them; versus people from coconut cultures being rather "hard" on the outside, i.e. rather "cold" and closed off towards strangers, but once you befriend them you're considered "truly a friend". The US is a classic peach country while Germany is a classic coconut country.

I find this distinction rather intuitive and it helps to understand which of these tendencies the people in your country tend to follow to better understand how you're "supposed to act" towards strangers. Might also be interesting to know if you want to do a semester abroad or even emigrate to another country – naturally coconut cultures might be better suited for autistics since their communications styles line up better with the preferred communication style of most autistics. CITATION NEEDED