Olfactory perception

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Olfactory perception, or the sense of smell, is a well-known sense. Autisitic people may be hyper- or hypo- sensitive to scents.

Olfactory hypersensitivity[edit]

For hypersensitive individuals, they may smell something others barely notice, or have a stronger reaction to scents than others.

Scents may cause discomfort or pain, for example by triggering a strong gag reflex or migraines.


  • Using unscented soap

Ways to compensate

Olfactory hyposensitivity[edit]

For hyposensitive individuals, they may not notice scents as readily as others, or simply may not respond to them as quickly.


Ways to compensate

Scent-based stims[edit]

  • Scented candles

See also: stims

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