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Autism community vs Autistic community[edit]

I have seen two different, but similar-ish meanings for these.

  1. The autism community is any allistic who knows or works with an autistic
  2. The autism community is mostly composed of people- autistic or not- who support stuff that the majority of the Autistic community does not. (For instance, supporting ABA, or trying to find a cure)
  1. The Autistic community is any autistic
  2. The Autistic community is mostly autistics but can also include any ally/anyone who supports what the majority of autistics support.

Autism mom/dad[edit]

An Autism mom or dad is, stereotypically, a parent of an autistic child who often complains about how hard it is to have a "child with autism", supports ABA

Autistic, With autism, On the Spectrum, Autist, Aspie[edit]

  • "Autistic" is identity-first language (preferred among autistics)
  • "With autism" is person-first language (preferred among allistics)
  • "On the spectrum" is sort of like a euphemism (seems to be disliked by autistics)
  • "Autist" is a shortened version of "autistic"
  • "Aspie" is a identity-first language used by some diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome

Identity-first language is preferred among autistics because many believe autism is a part of them. If you remove the autism, you destroy everything they are.[1]

Person-first language is preferred among allistics. While person-first language is usually preferred/recommended for many disabilities/diagnoses*, many who use this in regards to autism also hold beliefs contrary to the community.

(~* Many of which don't have another way to say it and I wonder which would be preferred among those communities if an alternative was available. (Bipolar, OCD, BPD, Down's Syndrome, etc.)