Community guidelines

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ActuallyAutistic Wiki is very much a work in progress. The following guidelines are therefore subject to change and will likely evolve over time – as is the nature of such collaborative projects!

There are very few community guidelines because we want to encourage contributions from lots of different people.

Here are a small number of suggestions, just to encourage some cohesion:

Point of view[edit]

Wikipedia can sometimes be biased against minority groups, in a misguided attempt to be objective. In contrast, we especially encourage articles informed by lived experience.

It's also safe to assume the reader is autistic, although they may only recently have discovered this fact, and not yet know all the terminology. This wiki is primarily by autistic people, for autistic people, although others are welcome to contribute.

We especially encourage a neurodiversity-affirming approach that suggests all neurotypes are equally valid, while simultaneously acknowledging that being neurodivergent in a neuro-typical society can be disabling.