Autistic joy

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Autistic people tend toward being extra sensitive, sometimes to a point of being unable to control our emotions, when things don't go right, clothes don't fit right, it is suddenly super suffocatingly hot (see interoception), etc.

We might feel miserable and overwhelmed over what others might consider minor issues.

However, it stands to reason we are also capable of experiencing incredible depth of feeling in other ways, including joy!

Please add your personal examples below. :)


These may be personal or generic examples. Naturally, some may find the following distressing rather than joyful.

  • The amazing bliss you can generate by running your feet back and forth over freshly changed bed sheets, coupled with the joy of getting into bed after a long day of masking!
  • Seeing an insect or bird you've never seen before and watching in rapt attention as it does whatever it does. Then going home and trying to find out everything about it --Fire Eider (talk)

I, Fire Eider, decided to put my name there since its a personal example and I'm okay with my name being there. If anyone else wants to do so, put three of these ~